Tom Willoughby Clinic Photos

Thanks for all who came out to witness the renowned Tom Willoughby forge some artistic pieces! Members in attendance learned the value of forging steel beyond horseshoeing. The TPFA appreciates your presence, input and membership. Here are some photos from last weekend’s clinic; the photos are courtesy of Laura Kurtz. We look forward to seeing you all at the next one in June. June clinic info will be up ASAP.

Official Tom Willoughby Website

Tom Willoughby clinic brought tons of farriers from the state and even some from out of the state. It was a great turn out.

Tom and Mark Leiser working together to forge a beautiful piece.

A trained eye inspecting his work.


What is soon to be a vulture's head.

Little ones can have fun at clinics too.A masterpiece in the making.Anvil Vulture.A very beautiful dragon.


Mark Leiser striking for Tom.Some of the beautiful forged items handmade by Tom Willoughby day of clinic. Tom is showing fellow farriers how blacksmithing can be a valuable skill to go along with shoeing horses.


Close up of a dragon's head.

Some of the pieces demonstrated by Tom. Those who attended learned the value of artistic forgery. Thank you so much to Tom Willoughby for coming and sharing your special talent.

A gift from Jim Poor to Tom Willoughby. Thanking Tom for coming down and putting on the clinic!

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2015 College Station Photos & Overview


Todd Haenel making a Journeyman run.

Doug Hogue demonstrating a handmande shoe.

It was another fun year for the books. Congratulations and thanks to all those who attended, tested and taught. You are appreciated so much. We had 39 tests taken at the certification by 16 candidates. 16 tests were passed: 5 certified, 2 Journeyman passed the practical; 4 shoe displays passed, 3 Journeyman bar shoes passed; 1 Certified written and one Journeyman written. Gavin Cooper and Luke Dufrene had exceptional scores on their Journeyman practical and bar shoes. Todd Haenal passed his Journeyman bar shoe. Austin Russel aced the Journeyman written examination. Congratulations!! Brandt Chastain, Joshua Burnham, Vernon Jogie, Blake Mccoy and Brody White were all successful on their certified practical. Also, Sophia Halbrook, Jaoa Neto, Vernon Jogie and Brant Chatain were successful with their shoe displays! Brody White passed the Certified written exam with flying colors. Many thanks to Dr. Dennis Sigler for hosting the 2nd Annual A&M conference with 50 farriers and Veterinaris attending. Additionaly, thank you to the AFA testers, Tony Dawson, Doug Hogue, Alan Larsen, Mark Leiser, Bill Rose, Paul Spurgin, Frank Schwaggert, Donnie Walker, Nicole Smith, Glen Spradling and Provisional tester Chance Mackey who did an outstanding job. Pat Burton was an outstanding Examiner.



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2015 Texas A&M Farrier Conference Schedule & Info

The 2015 Texas A&M Farrier Conference is Sponsored by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and the Texas A&M Animal Science Department.

Location: Pearce Pavillion, TAMU Campus

January 8, 2015

Schedule of Events:

8:00 – 8:45 a.m. Check-In, late registration, donuts and coffee

8:45   Welcome – Dr. Dennis Sigler, Extension Horse Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

9:00 – 9:30   “Improving Your Value as a Professional Farrier through Certification” – Pat Burton, AFA CJF and  AFA Examiner, Burleson, TX

9:30 – 10:30 “Hoof Biomechanics” – Dr. David Hood, Hoof Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Center, Bryan, TX

10:30 – 10:50 Q & A and Break

10:50 – 12:00 “Hoof and Lower Leg Dissection” –  Dr. Lynn Ruoff, Clinical Associate Professor, Texas A&M    College of Veterinary Medicine

12:00 – 12:45  Lunch served

12:45 – 1:30 “Nutrition – Is Starch a Dirty Word for Horses?” – Dr. Dennis Sigler

1:30 – 2:45 “Techniques for Shoeing Reining Horses” Glen
Spradling, CJF and AFA Approved Examiner

2:45 – 3:30 “What’s New in Synthetic Applications?” – Tab Pigg, AFA CJF and Vettec Hoof Care Rep

3:30 – 4:30 “Building the Bar Shoe”  Demonstration by Doug Hogue, CJF and AFA Approved Examiner

4:30  Q & A

*You must register for this conference*  Registration for the Farrier Conference is $50, which includes handouts and lunch.  Those who are registering for the AFA Certification tests to be held on Friday, January 9th, will receive a $20 discount on the conference registration.

For registration information, please visit AgriLife Extension Conference Services at Key Word = Horse

For additional information, go to:  Educational programs of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age, or national origin. The Texas A&M University System, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas Cooperating.

We look forward to seeing you there. Bring your note pads and get your thinking caps ready!!!


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2014 TPFA Shoeing Contest Info

The contest will be held in Denton, TX, October 2-4 at the North Texas State Fairgrounds. Austin Edens, CJF is the judge and clinician. For more info please contact: David Edens (940) 229-4284 or

2014 TPFA Shoeing Contest List


ALL KEG SHOES – Kerckhaert Dura size 0

Class 1 – Pair fronts rolled toe. – 45 min

Class 2 – Pair hinds square toe, quarter clipped. – 60 min

Class 3 – Pair fronts rocker toe, toe clipped. – 60 min

Eagle Eye – Keg shoe to foot with center mark at toe – 20 min



Class 1     1 Hour

Pair hinds, plain stamped, extended heels, 5/16 x ¾ to fit pattern

Class 2     1 hour

1 square toe hind with trailer and quarter clips, 1 Kerckhaert standard

1 front, rocker toe, side clips, 1 Kerckhaert standard

1 straight bar, 1 Kerckhaert standard, jumped in bar of 5/16 x 3/4

Eagle Eye – Plain stamped shoe 5/16 x ¾ – 20 min

Shoeing – Pair front feet with keg shoes – 60 min

Nails not specified will be suitable to the stock and shoe.


DIVISION 2                                                            

Class 1     1 hour

Pair creased straight bar shoes to pattern 5 SB, 6 holes, 5/16 x ¾

Class 2     1 hour

Full set plain stamp toe clip fronts, quarter clip hinds, six holes, 5 SB,

5/16 x ¾ x 11 ½

Eagle Eye – ¾ fullered 5/16 x ¾. 6 nails – 20 min

Shoeing – Pair of feet plain stamped, 5/16 x ¾, 6 nails, clipped – 70 min



Class 1     1 hour

Convention Qualifier, deep seated bar shoe ½ x ¾ and the front out of 3/8 x ¾.

Class 2     TBA – Two shoes off Mustad list – 1 hour

Eagle Eye – Fullered straight bar shoe, 3/8 x ¾ – 20 min

Shoeing – Pair of feet, 3/8 x ¾, fullered, clipped – 70 min



Class 3 All Divisions    1 hour

1 front plain stamp, 7 holes, 13” 1/2 x 1

1 hind double caulk, plain stamp, 13” ½ x 1, 7 holes, toe clips on both

Two person team selected by pairing people by results of the first two forging classes.  First place Open will pair with last place Div 1. Working back from the middle.  The last team will be two people from Div 2.  Open should be prepared to make the hind shoe, Div 1 prepared to make the front, Div 2 either. Everyone that participates will get 5 points towards High Point in their division.  No points toward high point for winners but will have awards. 


3 Person Draft:

Shoe front and hind, ¾ fullered ½ x 1 ¼, suitable nail.  Draft specimen –   Deep seated, straight bar, fully fullered shoe, 16” ½ x 1, E7 – 120 minutes

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2014 College Station Farrier Certification

Greetings farriers! Way to kick off the new year. We had a great turn out at the College Station Farrier Certification. On Friday we had Dr. Hood kick things off with an equine podiatry seminar at Texas A&M. Pat Burton was our AFA examiner who came out. He spoke with us about and TPFA membership, and how to be professional out in the field. Blane Chapman shared a wealth of knowledge concerning laminitis and founder cases. He went over preparation and trimming for an effective shoeing job, and therapeutic shoeing for laminitis and navicular syndrome. Dr. Lynn Ruoff was there to perform a equine limb dissection. On Saturday we had a bunch of folks come out and have a go at certification. Congratulations to all those who got their certification. Way to go!

Brandon Sargent's Journeyman Bar Shoe Run

Brandon Sargent's Journeyman Bar Shoe Run

We had some great clinicians come out.


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