2014 College Station Farrier Certification

Greetings farriers! Way to kick off the new year. We had a great turn out at the College Station Farrier Certification. On Friday we had Dr. Hood kick things off with an equine podiatry seminar at Texas A&M. Pat Burton was our AFA examiner who came out. He spoke with us about and TPFA membership, and how to be professional out in the field. Blane Chapman shared a wealth of knowledge concerning laminitis and founder cases. He went over preparation and trimming for an effective shoeing job, and therapeutic shoeing for laminitis and navicular syndrome. Dr. Lynn Ruoff was there to perform a equine limb dissection. On Saturday we had a bunch of folks come out and have a go at certification. Congratulations to all those who got their certification. Way to go!

Brandon Sargent's Journeyman Bar Shoe Run

Brandon Sargent's Journeyman Bar Shoe Run

We had some great clinicians come out.


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